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This is what Expat Unchained is all about, Check these out to understand it all, Enlighten & Entertain yourself:

Unchained Productions

A vast & growing library of film productions & vicarious experiences. Of a Red Pill nature.

Essays & Books

I started Expat Unchained as a writer first – on my adventures, travels & philosophy.

Commissioned Projects

I will make videos or articles on anything you like for a commission. And I will go anywhere or do anything it takes if you cover the expenses.

Consultation & Wingman Service

I offer Monthly or One-Time Consultation Services. As well as the Expat Unchained Wingman Experience – an informal Tourguide & Wingman Service, for when you are visiting Southeast Asia.

a little more about Expat Unchained

Luke Brandon: Writer, Filmmaker, Fitness Enthusiast, Personal Consultant & Professional Wingman.

An American expat living free & happy in Southeast Asia. Free thinker, MGTOW, anarcho capitalist & adventurer.

I couldn’t take the political correctness & the bullshit of the West.  A place where straight white males & unapologetic alpha masculinity are condemned & tormented.  So I made my escape! I split, like breaking out of prison.  Never to return – as long as I have any choice in the matter.

Censored, banned & attacked by YouTube & Google (the biggest & baddest monopoly-public-utility of all time)… This website is hopefully where you can always find me, after I’ve been locked in the Digital Gulag.  When I’ve been stripped of my free speech by these leftist-marxist tech giants, when I’ve been deplatformed & stripped of any & all revenue, cut off from my audience…

Then you should always be able to find me & my work here on this website.

For Truth, Justice & The American Way.

First Title

Unchained Productions


Title Two

Essays & Books


Third Title

Commissioned Projects