“Just Sayin”

People who like to use the lame, unoriginal, unfunny catchphrase – “Just Sayin.”
Here’s some alternatives to your weak attempt at humor. These are equally as stupid & unfunny, but they have the same meaning:
“I just said something.”
“I’m speaking.”
“There’s words coming out of my mouth.”
“I’m talking right now.”

In a few years, your clear lack of any sense of humor with your stupid catchphrase will go down in history with the other gems like “Talk to the hand” or “NOT!”
Except compared to “just sayin”….those older lame catchphrases actually seem somewhat funny, relative to the weak tired attempt at non-humor every time you utter that stupid shit “just sayin.”

But you don’t care about this – because you’re idiot sheep. 
You’re not funny.
You’re not original.
You’re not smart.
You have no thoughts going through your empty skull.
You’re ugly & fat.
You just. Want. To fit in.
With the other sheep.
That’s all that matters to you, and that’s why you say extremely stupid stuff that you hear everyone else saying. Because you are a fucking retard.
“Just Saying.”